Proposition 8 superhero by Stan Lee?

This day and age is getting more progressive. And one of the biggest indications of that progression is the gradual acceptance of gay individuals. This hasn't been an issue that has been approached very often in comics, however DC recently revealed that Batgirl was in fact a lesbian. So it is starting to come up. Stan Lee is looking to bring it up again according to a recent article in Variety. Showtime is teaming up with Lee to create an hourlong project that looks at a day in the life of a gay superhero. The work is going to be based on a book by Perry Moore called Hero that tackles a similar issue. This is really an awesome idea for a work, and it could be another boost for the entire cause. No timetable on when we can expect to see the show, or even who will be in it or anything else. But Moore is writing the script and Hunter Hill is producing. Stan Lee working on gay superhero project