Review: Heroes - It's Coming

Within the reviews I'm going to try and look at each review from the perspectives of each of the main characters, but because there are so many some of these could get lengthy. These are not spoiler free, so please be mindful of that when reading. I dreaded writing this review prior to seeing this week's episode. Really. I feel that Heroes is just getting way to outlandish, inconsistent and trite to be good anymore. But I'm sticking it out, and I have to be honest: I was impressed. This is the Heroes I've been waiting for all season, and this is what the show should be centered around. What am I talking about you ask? Read on. I'll start with Hiro and Ando since they're not immediately relevant to the current story. Mr. Petrelli shows up to steal Hiro's power and is foiled by Ando, the unlikeliest of heroes. It also helped that Mr. Petrelli was strangely transfixed by a painting of an eclipse on a rock. But now Hiro is on a quest to relearn his powers, since somehow he ended being ten years old. I'm guessing that Mr. Petrelli was wiping his memory clean and only got so far. Peter and Claire are on the run from Knox and Flynt, both seeking Peter. Until they learn that Claire is the final piece of the formula that makes it work, and are then instructed to bring her in. I was impressed with Peter's clever ruse to get them away when Claire couldn't really fight both Knox and Flynt at the same time. That's good looking out Peter. Anyway, they eventually end up at the hospital with Mrs. Petrelli (more on that in a second). Knox and Flynt end up at Pinehearst with Mr. Petrelli. Sylar is put in a cell with Elle, where she essentially goes ballistic and fries him hardcore. He of course heals up and this cycle replaces for quite a bit. Elle is struggling to get revenge on Sylar for killing her dad, but of course he's going to keep on healing. Right when Elle thinks he's going to kill her, he releases her and they have a strange, romantic bonding moment over his newfound ability. Apparently, he can now take powers without cutting open the hero. The two of them end up at Pinehearst with Mr. Petrelli (more on that in a second). Nathan and Traci visit with Mr. Petrelli and Nathan comes to the realization that yes, his dad is still alive. Cue up Mr. Petrelli trying to talk Nathan into helping him change the world again, but Nathan isn't too sure. Nathan plans on going to visit the hospital at Primatech and ends up at the hospital with Mrs. Petrelli, while Traci hangs back and offers to convince Nathan to listen to his dad if Mr. Petrelli will look out for her. She ends up at Pinehearst with Mr. Petrelli. Yeah there's a theme going here. Parkman and Daphne. Parkman decides he can save Mrs. Petrelli, because he realizes that she is kept in a mind prison by Mr. Petrelli. While in there he is confronted by Daphne who stabs him, until the real Daphne comes in and tells him not to believe fake Daphne and they need to get out there. I'm not sure if Mr. Petrelli knew all of this was going on, or if left some sort of security system so to speak to keep her locked up. But Mrs. Petrelli essentially persuades Mr. Petrelli to let her go, which he does. Parkman and Daphne end up at at the hospital with a newly alert Mrs. Petrelli. So here's what was awesome. Mr. Petrelli is shown with Sylar, Elle, Traci, Flynt and Knox. Mrs. Petrelli is shown with Peter (still powerless), Claire, Parkman, Daphne and Nathan. Every one on both sides knows that Claire is the catalyst, so the show is going to revolve around her even more. And I'm ok with that. I don't like that when she's whining about her life. But now we have teamups, which is one of the best things about comics. The greatest dichotomy that divides heroes and villains is morality. Obviously heroes are good and villains are bad, and its the actions of the characters that define where they stand. This season has gradually moved characters into pairings with an eventual teamup on both sides of the moral fence. This episode did an excellent job setting up the sides and defining the true heroes and villains, and is giving me hope for the remaining episodes. This is easily my favorite episode this entire season, and gives me hope that we can expect some better stuff in the future. Overall score: 90 out of 100