Review: Heroes - Villains

Within the reviews I'm going to try and look at each review from the perspectives of each of the main characters, but because there are so many some of these could get lengthy. These are not spoiler free, so please be mindful of that when reading. Sigh. Picture me visibly sighing. Not a sigh of content mind you, but a sigh of frustration. That's how I feel about this current season of Heroes. And after last night's episode, I'm beginning to wonder if I should even watch the show anymore. The episode Villains was a jaunt down memory lane where we're supposed to be amazed at how truly connected all the characters are. But wait. It's actually just a pathetic excuse for an episode that was clearly made because creators not sure where the show's direction is going. This season is moving along and showing us that the Petrelli family is the center of the universe in this show. Their seeming dysfunction is what sets off the supposed plan for New York (remember the bomb that was supposed to go off). Mr. Petrelli is shown as being the conniving character we've known so far, which is ok because that's all we've really known of him. Although apparently he didn't really die of a heart attack, rather, he was poisoned by Mrs. Petrelli. But of course he's not dead, as the same doctor that was tending to him when he was revived tells Mrs. Petrelli that he's dead (and tends to him and keeps him alive). Her part in history was completely out of character for her, and I suppose that its because her mind was being erased by Mr. Petrelli. But I'm still not buying her turn to ruthlessness because Mr. Petrelli tried to have Nathan killed. Oh yes. The night when Nathan and his wife were driving and were run off the road, paralyzing his wife from the waist down while Nathan inadvertently flew away? Yeah, the drivers were hired by Linderman. Who was hired by Mr. Petrelli. Oh the scandal! Meanwhile, in New York, Gabriel is approached by Elle (at the request of Mr. Bennett). She is trying to get him to kill again so that Mr. Bennett can observe it and they can use the knowledge to their advantage. Of course Gabriel has never been this hungry, and I could buy that. But when you set the entire first season around the monster that he is, its really hard to see him as a good guy at first. Even the future episode was a bit more believable where he was a house dad. Yes he was nice, but at least he recognized he had the power and knew it could control him. And Mr. Bennett gets in a cab to the airport that's driven by (drumroll please) Mohinder! That's right kids! If you guessed Mohinder you win the prize! Don't even get me started on Claire's mom, Meredith. Who is brothers with Flynt, the pyro that was released from Level 5. Wait, they both have fire powers and are related? Psshaw I say. When she (as an agent) tried to release Flynt, they completely destroy and derail a train. That bursts into flames. And that would be the same train that Claire races to to save the day! They get caught, then freed, then caught again, and then freed again when Meredith is told by the agent that her daughter is still alive. Sending her on her quest to find the best trailer money can buy and become a heavy smoker while living her life in seclusion. Great to see she took the opportunity to seek out her daughter. I should have mentioned that this entire episode was a trip in the past by Hiro via the spirit walk. So naturally the episode ends with Hiro waking up and freaking out. And who should be there when he wakes up? Mr. Petrelli, who apprarently steals Hiro's powers. Heroes has become nothing more than a soap opera at this point. Everything they worked so hard to attain in the first season as far as character development and storylines has been wiped by season 2 and what we've seen so far in this season. These flashbacks would have been slightly more easy to digest had they been longer than 12-18 months ago (I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the furthest one back went 18 months). I know that Tim Kring has recently taken over control of the writing and production, so hopefully he can get this show back on track. If not I don't know if I'll be able to make it through this season or be on board for season 4. Overall score: 75 out of 100


  1. ya it was almost like watching season one again but it not being that good. i mean sure it is nice that it filled in the gaps for season one but we are in season three cant they focus on that? once again to much going through time and jumping back and forth. once again they introduce a noname person with a power that sylar takes and we will never see again. Since when did Eric roberts be a field agent, as when we first meet him later on in season one he seems like one of the head honchos. and it was a least nice to see peter being the whinny little punk he always is. this show is going downhill fast pretty soon it is gonna be on a night nobody watchs tv if it dont change fast.


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