Review: My Name is Bruce

Editor's Note: Usually I'm the one reviewing stuff for Omnicomic, and I doubt that will change any time soon. Well, except maybe this one time. Following is a review of My Name is Bruce, a spoof on Bruce Campbell's (see Bruce, I spelled your name right) life -which ends up being a spoof on B horror films- by Omnicomic's resident zombie expert (and weekly writer of Defense With the BoomStick) Brandon. Brandon is a huge fan of Mr. Campbell so of course he jumped at the opportunity to write this review. Enjoy. Bruce Campbell is the man when it comes to B horror movies, and just in general as well. Who is Bruce Campbell you say? If you don’t know who he is then you shouldn’t be on this comic website. Bruce Campbell is the king of the B horror movie world, with such classics as Evil Dead 1 & 2, Army of Darkness in addition to multiple roles on TV (currently in a reoccurring role on USA’s Burn Notice). Today most people might recognize Bruce for his cameos in the Spider-man Trilogy, his hilarious Old Spice commercials or the numerous comics that keep getting churned out, revisiting his Evil Dead character Ash, who is in a forever battle with the Deadites and the Necronomicon (the Book of the Dead). Today I am going to review another awesome addition to Campbell’s credits is his new movie that he directed and starred in simply called My Name is Bruce, a sort of campy horror film that makes fun of the genre that has made him a star. As an avid Bruce Campbell fan, I went into this movie with a certain expectation of what it was going to show and I have to say, it gave me what I was looking for. The whole point of the movie was to poke fun at what Bruce Campbell is and the B horror film genre in general, with the dumb to a point dialogue and cheesy acting that you would find in a low budget film. The synopsis of the film is that some stupid teenagers visit a creepy graveyard and unleash an ancient evil that is going to kill everyone in their small town to seek revenge on them because of a tragedy that happened in the past with their ancestors. The one teenager who gets away is Bruce Campbell’s biggest fan (of course) and believes Bruce is a real action hero who kills undead and ancient evils for breakfast. He goes to find Bruce and kidnaps him, bringing him back to fight the ancient evil. From here on out, as Bruce meets the townsfolk and the movie progress it gets a little silly, but that's what made it hilarious to watch as all the small things that make up a cheesy flick come into play. Overall, it was a great a movie if you enjoy the B horror genre that it pays tribute to or are simply a Bruce Campbell fan like I myself. I even enjoyed the cameo by Ted Raimi, brother of famous director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy among other great works). Ted works with Bruce a lot, and they all got their start together with The Evil Dead. The acting was not the best but that is part of the point of the movie's plot and overall feeling. Since this is a more of an indie film then a Hollywood blockbuster it is not playing in a lot of theaters, but go to Bruce Campbell’s website to find the next show times and a theater near you to check out this film. Overall: 95 out of 100