Seth Green on all things Seth Green

Seth Green is a pretty popular man these days. From Robot Chicken to Freshmen, pretty much anything he touches has the potential to be big. And when his comic Freshmen is published by Top Cow, you know that there are bigger things in the works for his creation. One of those ha[[ens to be a feature film adaptation of Freshmen, which Green indicated was originally slated to be a film anyway in an interview with io9. "Hugh and I conceived this a couple years ago as a film. What we found was the marketplace at the time was really unreceptive to comic-book properties. X-Men had just come out, and people were still hesitant to believe that a comic book could translate cause it had so much baggage [plot-wise]. So we had an opportunity to make a comic, and we said, 'Well, fuck it. Let’s just entrench it in the marketplace.' Although the movie actually will be different than the book." One of the ways the film will be different from the comic is the costumers. According to Green, the kids aren't going to wear costumes. "The kids aren’t going to wear costumes, obviously. Except for Paula [who can enchant anyone into falling in love with her] and [the group’s powerless leader] Norrin. Cause Paula makes her costume, and Norrin—the costume’s all he’s got. We also had to eliminate characters just for the sake of telling a story in the most concise way. I don’t want to really talk about who, but it’s a heartbreaking thing to do." The entire interview is pretty long but overall very informative. Lot of good stuff to look forward to from Green and his creative genius. Oh. And he has a role in an upcoming episode of Heroes. io9: I know that you and your old buddy Breckin Meyer play comic-book nerds in Atlanta who help one of the Heroes. Green: You possibly know more than I’m allowed to tell you. Yeah, Breckin and I are both in it. And all our scenes are together. My guess is that hero turns out to be Hiro. I can just feel it. Seth Green interview