Spidey wins a Pulitzer

Spider-man has always been an introspective guy. Which means anything involving his character is fraught with fear, anxiety, comedy and drama. Including the movies. In the films, we've seen Tobey Maguire grapple with the death of his uncle, the on-again, off-again relationship with Mary Jane and turmoil with his friend Harry Osborne. So logically, the next incarnation of the film needs to be as introspective (if not more) than the previous three. Cue David Lindsay-Abaire. Lindsay-Abaire is best known as the man responsible for Rabbit Hole, a work centering on the accidental death of a small child. Of course this means you can expect tons of intensity and a certain gravitas in the film that might not have been present in the previous Spider-man films. Lindsay-Abaire has said in interviews that his plays tend to be "peopled with outsiders in search of clarity," which means that Peter Parker will probably reach a new level in his insecurities. This is pretty good news in a sense, as it means that the next film will be much more character driven and not so much "let's put Venom in it just because it will make money." Still no word on the villain, but we do know that Sam Raimi, Maguire and most likely Kristen Dunst will be returning. Spidey wins a Pulitzer