Stan Lee awarded National Medal of Arts

Anyone that's read comics knows that Stan Lee is epic. Without him we wouldn't have Spider-man, Fantastic Four or the Hulk. And comics certainly wouldn't be where they are today without an industry mouthpiece like Lee advocating their cause. Finally, comic book fans aren't the only one to realize how awesome he is. Washington Post reports that Lee has been awarded the National Medal of Arts, an award reserved for recognizing individuals who have contributed immensely to the advancement of the arts, and the NMA is considered to be the highest award bestowed by the US government in recognition of talent arts. "I feel very honored, very surprised," Lee said. "When I first got the phone call, I thought it was a gag. I'd heard of it but didn't know much about it. I'd heard of the NEA. But it was just a name." Omnicomic wants to send a very hearty congratulations to Mr. Lee for this tremendous accomplishment. Saying he has been important to comics is a tremendous understatement, and its great to see that his accolades are being recognized for the impact they've had on the comic book industry and arts in general. Stan is the man