Stan Lee's Soapbox

When Stan Lee says something, you should probably sit up and pay attention. And if he's teamed up with The Hero Initiative, well damn. Below is a personal (somewhat) address from Stan Lee himself, asking you to check out a collection of all of his legendary "Stan's Soapbox" columns for the first time ever. The 144-page book retails for $14.99, and hits stores on November 19. You can also pre-order your copy here. Its sure to be fantastic reading, and as always The Hero Initiative will get some of the profits to help their worthwhile cause. Now I'm young enough where I've learned to appreciate Stan Lee for his historic work. That is to say, I wasn't reading comics when he was writing in his prime but I know he's awesome. So obviously I was reading his Soapbox Columns when they first debuted, so for people like me this is definitely something that would be awesome to read through. And just for good measure: EXCELSIOR!