Wanted 2 in the works?

You kind of expected this to happen. Wanted was moderately successful as a comic book adaptation (although I wasn't too fond of it ). But hey, James McAvoy was pretty good as the lead. And it did boast Angeline Jolie and Morgan Freeman, so it had some star power as well. So of course a sequel is a logical progression. And according to MTV Splash Page, Wanted screenwriter Chris Morgan is working hard on the sequel. Now, the first one was financially successful despite straying pretty far away from the source materials. But Mark Millar is close to finalizing a deal to work on the sequel with Morgan. I really have no idea where they plan on taking the film. The first movie ended with Wesley Gibson (McAvoy) vowing to seek out the individual sects and destroying them, so there's always that. But both Jolie's and Freeman's characters died at the end of the first film, so the producers would have to get some pretty big caliber stars to replace them in the sequel. Wanted 2 in the works