Wonder Woman film has a new director?

Warner Brothers and DC are in a bit of a tight spot regarding their comic properties on film. Sure, Batman is pretty set, and even the Superman reboot-reboot will do well most likely. But with Justice League falling apart, and Joss Whedon leaving Wonder Woman, well, characters like those were just sort of up in the air. IESB reports that Wonder Woman however may be getting a little more definition in terms of a movie. First off, the crazy news. Beyonce and Megan Fox have thrown their names in for the role of the Amazonian Princess. That's right. Beyonce. Fox I expected to eventually, and lots of people are going to be throwing her name around for the role. But Beyonce? Not quite buying that. Yes she's an independent woman, but I just don't see her as Wonder Woman. Do I have a better replacement? Well Jessica Biel would've been awesome, but rumors have said that she already turned the role down. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the slightly more confirmed news. A director has been floated at WB to direct the film. His name? Joseph McGinty Nichol. Doesn't sound familiar right? Chances are you've heard of him though, most likely by his nickname McG. That's right kids. The same man who brought us The OC and Chuck is apparently at the top of WB's list to direct a Wonder Woman movie. Fans of those two shows know that he has an affinity for comics and video games, working each into as many episodes as possible. I mean, he even used Stan Bush's The Touch in an episode of Chuck. And he is working with Christian Bale on Terminator: Salvation, so its not too outlandish. I think he would pay proper respect to the character, but if they make it a coming-of-age Wonder Woman with an alt-indie-rock soundtrack I'm going to be pissed. Oh. And no Beyonce. Beyonce, I think you're hot, awesome and can sing, but I'm just not feeling you as Wonder Woman. Keep checking in as this story develops. Oh, and just because. Here's The Touch montage from Chuck. Enjoy. Wonder Woman film honing in a director