Be a Zenoscope girl (and win a trip to Comic Con)

Zenoscope is pretty well known for two things: T&A. The combination of the two makes for a logical contest for Zenoscope to be hosting which could give that incredibly hot friend of yours her chance to go to Comic Con for free. Each month, one winner will be chosen to represent Zenoscope as the Zenoscope Girl of the Month. All you need to do to enter (besides be hot) is send in a picture of yourself to, as well as a bio that includes your favorite Zenoscope title and issue and any other fun facts you can think of. You can be wearing Zenoscope t-shirt, or dressed as your favorite Zenoscope character. One winner will be chosen each month and will get a $100 gift certificate to the Comic-Central online store in addition to a Zenoscope gift pack. One lucky winner will be voted on by Zenoscope fans to win a grand prize of a three day, two night trip to Comic Con to make an appearance at the Zenoscope booth to sign autographs and take a million pictures. Zenosope Girl Contest