Defense With the BoomPick

Here we are the day before the day before Christmas, which would be a good time to inform you of some of the comics due in stores tomorrow. In addition to my pick, Defense With the BoomStick writer Brandon has decided that Christmas needs a little more of the undead, and has made the below recommendation for his pick of the week. I previously looked at this book a while back, so be sure to check both previews out to get two takes on it. Okay folks tomorrow is new comic book day, which for every comic book aficionado out there is a great day (even though it is Christmas Eve we still get those fresh off the printing presses new comics). What’s not to love about the following day, considering everyone has the day off as well so that means tons of time to read all your new comics and play with those shiny Dark Knight toys you get for Christmas as well. But back to my pick for the new arrivals. You may say it is a bit biased of a pick but how could you not love it when it involves Bruce Campbell? He is a legend among legends when it comes to battling the undead, Xena, Freddy, Jason and so many others that even the Marvel Zombies want to try and take a bite out of our hero. And now it seems even the holiday spirit is out to get the lovable S-Mart employee in this one-shot comic simply called Army of Darkness: Ash's Christmas Horror. For all of you comic book readers out there who have worked retail during the holiday season, you know the pains and the woes that Ash, as an S-Mart employee feels in dealing with the angry customers trying to find that one gift. But that one thing you have never had to deal with is when the Necronomicon gets involved. Short of battling evil undead elves and a Deadite Santa, Ash battles through a fairy tale of Christmas stories that lead him on a journey to rediscover a part of him long forgotten and swallowed ages ago. Can Ash rediscover his lost Christmas spirit and save the day for everyone? Or will he be cast forever down in pain and torment for not believing? Be sure to pick up this issue when it comes out tomorrow to find out exactly how it all goes down and how it all ends.