Defense With the BoomPick

In addition to my pick of the week for new arrivals, Defense With the BoomStick writer Brandon has decided to make his own pick. Two picks are always better than one, and now you have two for this week. Enjoy. Hey everyone it’s me again, your good pal Brandon. I'm not bringing you the tip of the week today as that was yesterday, but I am choosing my pick of the week for new comic book day. Nowadays there are some many different storylines and arcs going on in all the major franchise superheroes (and even the independent ones as well) and sometimes it is a bit much to try and follow them all. One of the storylines that I have been following since being introduced this past summer is the Old Man Logan series that starts with Wolverine #66 and is set 50 years in the future (after all the other superheroes have been eliminated or retired and all the remaining supervillains rule the world). Even the United States has been divided up amongst the supervillains into their own different areas. Each area is independently ran: one by the Hulk Gang, another is the land formerly ran by Magneto and Red Skull is the new President of the United States. Other parts of the US are run by other greats of the past and the land is also slowly being devoured by the Moloids. What sets this story off is Logan is a simple family man and has sworn to never draw his claws or ever act in violence again. He has a small farm out in what is left of California that is run by the descendants of Hank Banner, now known as the Hulk Gang. Logan becomes behind on his rent to the Hulk Gang and to get enough to pay them off for a good while he agrees to be the eyes for fellow friend Hawkeye, who is now blind. The two depart on a trip cross country to deliver something that, as of right now, is unknown. With the use of a specialized vehicle known as the Spider-mobile they began their journey to deliver this mystery package and along the way you slowly learn more about what happened to Logan and why he has renounced violence. As you see Hawkeye kicking ass Logan hangs back and only gets involved when he has to save Hawkeye’s life (without drawing those claws). In the issue coming out this week, Wolverine #70, we finally get to find out what happened to Logan 50 years ago that made him who he is today. What was so horrible that caused him to forgo violence for good? Each issue of this series is written smartly and with a bit of humor in them, but not without a bit of sadness about them when you realize that there are no more superheroes. I recommend picking up the back issues and catching up on this series as after this one comes out there will only be three more issues to go that finalize the Old Man Logan series.