Defense With the BoomStick

Whoa there I didn’t even realize what time it was and almost missed you guys. Hello one and all it's Brandon here bringing you my weekly survivor broadcast and news of the world. For those of you new to my show or are happening past a radio broadcasting me I am known as Brandon, one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse and am lending my knowledge and expertise to all of you out there listening. So, first off, for the news for all of the people listening abroad I have some bad news for you as it seems the Australian safe zones have been overrun; it seems some infected got in and ran amok before they realized what was going on to many and changed. So if you are a religious person say a prayer for those lost in Australia. For the other safe zones on the islands in the Philippines area and those in the Pacific they are still maintaining a safe haven if you can provide some sort of skill for them. For us here in the USA, the northern safe zones are holding in the far corners in Washington and Maine. The Florida Keys are holding as well, as well as Cuba and a few islands in the Caribbean. Enough of the news. Now for the tip of the week so let’s see what to talk about today that can best help your continue survival and help us win this war. Today I am going to go over the use of long range single bolt action rifles compare to automatic rifles. Your best bet is to always take out a zombie from a distance for a number of reasons, such as the fact that it doesn’t endanger you, they won’t notice you and be able to call more to attack you, if need to you can escape faster and quieter as you are already a distance away. Also, with a long range bolt action rifle you don’t have to worry about a jam or wasting bullets, as every shot has to count and the only thing that puts a zombie down is a shot to the head. With the bolt action you take care with every shot and with enough practice can do a lot of damage. If possible, to find the best sort of weapons along these lines are the rifles from World War II the M1 Garand is a great rifle as it can have a clip, so no need for constant reload but has the care and aim of a single bolt action. These weapons are the most practical and most useful ones to carry as your primary weapon and are good for if you are in a group. You would think that having a automatic rifle would work really well cause what don’t kick some ass but a M-16 letting the lead fly at your enemies right? You can’t be more wrong as think sure you let loose a lot of bullets flying but the chances of you getting a head shot are random at best. Sure it is a great morale booster when you flick your gun to full auto and let loose a hail of lead at that wall of zombies coming at you, but what do you do when it goes click and they are right on top of you? Well what happens is you are dead. Yes the automatic weapon can have its uses if used slowly and methodically, taking care with each shot then they are a good weapon to carry and keep, and if facing bandits or marauders then having a full auto gun can help. If you can get your hands on a .50 caliber gun that you can set up as a machine gun post at your base, then it is great for defense against a wave of zombies (but you're still are gonna have to do a clean up afterwards with either snipers or men checking each body carefully and putting a bullet in their head if they don’t have one already). At best they are a good defense weapon for your home base or if in a large group are good for maybe one or two to have if need to lay down a quick wave of fire for an escape but your best bet is to have a good single shot rifle. Well there it is for this week, I got lots of work to get done before next week’s show as I have had a wave of attacks lately against my compound and got a lot of burning to do. Also got some survivors that showed up at my door I am looking after, good folk a nice family that has made a long trek across country and ain’t gonna deny them a safe haven. So till next week keep safe, stay smart and stay alive and keep killing those bastards and help us win this war and get our planet back. This is Brandon signing off.