Defense With the BoomStick

Good news, good news good news everybody. How’s all my listeners out there doing? Sure not gonna be able to hear your responses since this is radio and all, but I hope all you out there are surviving still. It’s Brandon here again, your good buddy and voice of the people (hey if you disagree with both of those statements then screw you). First off, I'm gonna go over the news that I have been hearing on the radio. It seems that there are some new safe zones for you survivors out there...I hear there is one in West Virginia called Rock Keyes up in the mountains. Also, up in Rhode Island is a place called Eastmount and this one is great as it sounds they are completely walled in and a self-sustaining place. So if you can get to either of these places get there and as far as I know the places in Washington and Maine are still going strong as well (also caught wind of some sporadic spots in Colorado and in Nevada). Seems worldwide there is a slow turn against the zombie hordes, as some of the smaller and more isolated areas are getting the upper hand and clearing out there areas and keeping them safe. So for the tip for today I am gonna talk about a topic I think I went over in a quick and hastened fashion earlier, as I was trying to get info out there so as to help save as many lives as possible but now I am gonna go over it more thoroughly. It is the general on the run strategy. As you may know there is always the possibility that you may find yourself forced to abandon your stronghold for a number of reasons, or somehow you might find yourself out in the open and thus in enemy territory where you are never safe, never allowed to break your focus or not worry about the terror that chases you. Here are the general rules to follow when out there as you must remember to have one goal, and that is to escape the danger that is chasing you and to do that you must know your terrain and possible escape routes. Keep a map on you always before your stronghold is overrun, as you never know when it could happen. If your stronghold is a massive group that has banded together then it is best to separate everyone into smaller groups and have rendezvous points to meet up at for your next base (a smaller group is better for traveling and keeps the level of being caught and devoured low. With that said make sure each group knows their own rally points and who belongs to which, and make sure that talent is spread out among the groups so not one has all the best marksmen or all the medics are in one group, as that does you no good. Once you've reached the point of having to leave your stronghold and you have broken up into your groups, always remember to remain mobile, never staying anywhere for more than a moment and make sure everyone is packed light and evenly so as to not tire and slow everyone down. Mobility is your most important ally as you are in the open and have nowhere to safely run to and hide at, as you must keep moving while also remembering that staying stealthy is also key, as noises draws zombies. This is where those silent weapons like bows come in handy if needed to dispatch a zombie in your path. Refrain from using at night fires, flashlights or any other sources of lights as that will definitely draw the attention of passing zombies. If traveling at night make sure to listen to every noise and scrap of sound to keep yourself alert to dangers. If possible, find abandoned cabins or houses not near any sort of urban zones. If those are not available then high trees are good, but be careful as you might find yourself in a tree and surrounded below by zombies. That’s it for today’s tip. I hope it helps you guys out there on the run risking the noise to listen to my show and remember to keep moving, and keep surviving. We will win this fight and take back our country and our world. Till next week god speed and good luck. Brandon signing off.