Defense With the BoomStick

Hey hey hey. How’s it going out there to all my faithful and fanatical listeners (or to those people who got nothing but me to listen to I say hello and how goes it?). This is Brandon here, your resident zombie expert and fellow survivor in this zombie world doing what I need to make sure I make it and what I can to help others make it as well. Cause hell, we all need someone to talk to and to repopulate the planet when we do take it back. Not much new is going on at my place besides winter being here, which is a blessing for us since zombies do freeze if it is cold enough and it also slows them down even more than usual so if you are being pursued by zombies they are more easily eluded. Plus if it is really cold outside it makes the shattering of the skull easier as they are more frozen then usual. On the worldwide news front haven’t heard anything remarkably new. It seems that most of the safe zones and strongholds I have reported about before are still going strong, and in the United States I have been hearing and seeing less and less of the bandit and marauder groups so I think that the Midwest is getting safe. But still take care when out in unsafe zones and just when out in general in the open. To the tip the of the week as I want to get back to my reading and needing to clean my guns (its been awhile and they've been seeing less use lately, which that is a little extra tip itself: when able to take care to clean and service your guns as you don’t want them jamming up on you cause you forget to swab the barrel or swipe dirt out of the trigger housing ya know?). Today I'm going to discuss the use of fire. Now in most circumstances fire is never really a good choice to use as a weapon as once you let it loose you can’t control what it burns, where it goes or what it does as fire is uncontrollable. Now when you are disposing of a zombie body or pile of zombies then yes, fire is your best bet to get rid of their corpses, and in that case you want to do it or if you have a bunch of zombies gathered at a certain point around your wall and your wall is not flammable then dousing them in something flammable and lighting them on fire is fine. The art of dousing as an attack method can work but it also has it's drawbacks as you have to get pretty close to a zombie to be able to dump a bucket of kerosene or gas on them and by then you’re too close and getting closer to dead. Another method of using fire is the Molotov cocktail, which I believe I have gone over about before but hey its fire and goes with the fire tip so deal. Anyhow this is an effective way to kill a group of zombies at once so long as they are huddled close enough together (in certain situations this is not the case at all). These are the few good times to use Molotov cocktails, Fire is excellent when fleeing an advancing mob of zombies, clearing out a fireproof structure like a concrete bunker and such or burning down a building with zombies inside. Keep in mind that even in all these situations you still have to be careful that the fire doesn’t spread to the area you don't want burning. Molotov’s come in handy when dropping on zombies from above so long as the area they are leaning against is not flammable. Using conventional items such as blowtorches or welding flames and such are good to use to set a fire from afar but are usually not powerful enough to do too much damage (and sometimes not portable enough to even bother using). Now one of the last fire bringers that I am gonna cover is the flamethrower. Now this is a badass weapon and thought to be the best zombie killer pumping out liquid death at far ranges. Because of their weight and difficultly of use the flamethrower is not a worthy weapon when on the go and used outside of your home base, but you can't deny the awesomeness of the weapon. So there you have it for this week. Time for me to get back to my work as until we get rid of all these bastard zombies everyone has to keep doing their part to make sure we win in the end. So until next week good luck, stay safe and keep surviving.