Defense With the BoomStick

Well it’s that time again already isn't it. Time for me to get on the radio and get you fine people out there what is going on with me, the world and my tip for the week (and something to listen to besides the undead moaning all the time). First off for news. It seems that the stronghold in Bavaria (once known as the Eagle's nest...yup Hitler’s stronghold), is hanging in there and doing quite well, mostly because of its isolation and tough route of access. Also, much of Austria and Switzerland are hanging in there, mostly due to their geographical nature up in the mountains and the fact that zombies can’t survive in extreme colds (if it is cold enough they can and will freeze making disposing of them real easy). For us here in the good old Americas it seems most of the mentioned before safe zones are still holding. I will list them again if this is the first time hearing my broadcast: West Virginia, northern Maine, Florida Keys, Cuba, northernmost parts of Canada, western parts of Alaska and most of the rural northern states. What I am going to go over today is about a list of alternative weapons that you might come across that you might think would work, but in the most part are sometimes to hard to find or to just plain use. First off, I'm gonna address training animals to fight zombies for you, which could work but in the end never does. The best bet you can get out of training animals is to train dogs to let you know when zombies are around, but pretty much all other animals avoid zombies at all cost so this sort of warfare is out. The most common weapon that police officers carry today is the taser, which was great for taking down a too drunk partygoer back in the day, but won’t work based on simple physical nature. With their muscular system and not being able to feel pain it is possible to stun a zombie with a lot more voltage then a real person, but they wouldn’t realize they were being stunned with the normal amount. If you are able to get fallen power lines to hit the zombie then yes that will kill the zombie, but to find places with power to do that now is hard to do so pointless to try. Next are acids, which work great for melting and dissolving stuff but takes forever to take down a walking zombie bearing down on you. I would suggest using it to clean up an area but not as a first line of defense. Now making homemade napalm can work well which falls under the fire category as it burns long and destroys whatever it touches. Bombs do some damage when done right but mostly blow parts off and sometimes don’t deliver that kill you need. That is it for today (gonna keep it short and sweet), as Im just not in the mood to talk too much today. Plus, one of the members of that family I had here with accidentally fell over the wall and was pounced upon instantly. I tried to do the best I could and not let them suffer much, but I still feel bad for their loss and what happened. So this is Brandon signing off and until next week stay safe and keep surviving.