Fox to stop Watchmen

I honestly can't say I didn't see this coming. According to the Associated Press, 20th Century Fox will attempt to delay the March 6 release of Watchmen. Last week Judge Gary Feess ruled that Warner Brothers infringed on Fox's copyright for the movie. A trial is still planned on being held on January 20 to sort this whole mess out, but I'm guessing at this point Fox won't even settle for the truckloads of money WB is willing to back up and dump in Fox's front yard. The only way I can see this ending happily with the planned March 6, 2009, release is by Warner Brothers splitting some revenues with Fox. I don't see Fox coming out totally on top in this, mainly due to the sheer badwill they're generating because of this lawsuit. My guess is (and this has been my guess the whole time), is that WB will give Fox X% of the distribution profits as opposed to a lump sum and hopefully allow the film to be released.