Glu Mobile Batman Tumbler game

Have you heard of Glu Mobile? Yeah I had a feeling you hadn't. But I'm fairly certain you have heard of The Dark Knight. Yeah, thought so. Well Glu Mobile has gone and made a game based on the movie. More specifically, the Tumbler parts of the movie. And its for the iPhone/iPod Touch! Basically, you have to get Batman (in the Tumbler) through the street of Gotham City as quickly as you can. The game boasts "inverted spoiler airfoils enable ramp-less jumping, allowing you to propel the Batmobile as high as six feet, and a distance of sixty feet." And if you angle your Apple device properly, the Batmobile will peel out as it hits the ground. The game will set you back a mere $0.99, which is a mere drop in the bucket if you think of it. Glu Mobile Batmobile game