Gotham City Dossiers: Claypool Comics

Have you noticed a lack of horror in your comics diet? Sure, you could scour the internet for old comics from Entertaining Comics, but chances are you'll be paying speculative prices for the comics, just because they're so rare. So it may be useful to find a more modern company that produces great horror comics. Claypool Comics fits that bill nicely. Their best known comic is probably Soulsearchers, featuring a cast of ecclectic characters including the fiery former Olypmic gymnast Bridget Lockridge; her foil (and eventual husband) Baraka, the fire demon from an Arabic Hell, the apprentice witch Kelly Hollister; Janocz, a shape-changing gypsy boy; Peter P. Peterson, an accountant with a magic bag (out of which he can produce--apparently--anything); and the business' original leader, the acerbic talking prairie dog Arnold Stanley. Unfortunately, after a fourteen year run the comic ended in 2007 at 83 issues. The issues are available on the Claypool Comics website, so you can get in on the action if you're so inclined. And that action mostly centers around various eccentric situations and scenarios that seem to boast some great creativity. Claypool has also produced Deadbeats and Phantom of Fear City. The publisher is pretty small and doesn't have quite the exhaustive library, but there are still some interesting works over there that you should probably check out. Claypool Comics