Gotham City Dossiers: WildStorm Comics

If you followed comics in the 90s, you may remember an outfit called WildStorm, the brainchild of Jim Lee. The publisher was pretty instrumental in helping chip into the monopoly Marvel and DC had on comics, and to this day still produce cutting edge books (even though they were bought by DC in 1999). But that doesn't mean you shouldn't still be paying attention to them. WildStorm still produces fan favorites such as Gen13 and WildCATS, both of which have been around since the company first started. But they also do books such the World of Warcraft comics series and Gears of War. Beyond the tried and true classics? There are quite a few. Ex Machina is about the life of Mitchell Hundred (also known as the Great Machine), the world's first and only superhero, who is elected Mayor of New York City. The series looks at both the political situations Hundred finds himself in, and the mysteries surrounding his superpowers. Another book is The Ferryman, which focuses on Gideon Thorne, a sort of super capable bounty hunter. And The Authority looks at characters created by Warren Ellis in Stormwatch, as they violently solve the worlds problems. Despite not being completely self-sustaining, WildStorm is still a pretty badass comic book publisher. With a variety of adapted and original works, the publisher still knows a thing or two about making a quality comic, so you should definitely set aside $3 or so a week to pick up on of the many fabulous books they have on the shelves. WildStorm Comics