Heath Ledger nominated for Golden Globe Award

The Golden Globes are kind of viewed as the Oscars Lite, but they are kind of a big deal. Being nominated for a Golden Globe is defintely an honor, and winning one is even moreso. Thankfully, the voters making nominations aren't completely corrupt, as they've done something right: they nominated Heath Ledger for a Best Supporting Actor award. I'm not the only one that thought his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight was chilling in a word, and its awesome that he's getting this recognition. His Joker was a role that transcended the actual character and become something greater than the film itself. Non-Batman (or comic book fans in general) were flocking to see this film just to see Ledger's turn. Sadly, Ledger will not be around to personally receive the award if he should win it, as his tragic overdose acts as a sobering reminder that sometimes an actor can get lost in the character. Regardless, congratulations to Ledger for being nominated, and here's hoping that he wins. Heath Ledger nominated for Golden Globe