Interview: Diedrich Bader (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)

Omnicomic was fortunate enough to also get an interview with the voice of Batman himself, Diedrich Bader. Fans of Bader may recognize him from films such as Office Space and Napoleon Dynamite, TV shows such as The Drew Carey Show and voiceover work from Surf's Up. Enjoy. Omnicomic: You were born in Alexandria, VA, but moved to Paris at a young age (I was actually born in Norfolk, VA, but didn't make it to Paris at a young age). Do you think you would've gotten where you are today without living outside the states for the better part of your youth? Diedrich Bader: I think my years overseas made me an actor. It was so alienating that I was driven into my head and found true happiness at the movies. I wouldn't recommend it as a career path. Go for the food. Omnicomic: You're probably recognized quite frequently for various roles, most notably as Lawrence in Office Space or as Oswald in The Drew Carey Show. What has been your favorite role so far? Diedrich Bader: My favorite role is Batman because my kids are totally into it, I enjoy doing it and I don't have to shave. Omnicomic: Did you read comics growing up? If so, who was your favorite superhero/villain? Diedrich Bader: I liked Iron Fist. And Storm. Storm a lot. Omnicomice: Are there any comic books you're reading now? Diedrich Bader: I read comic books to my son. Mostly Batman, Justice League and Scooby. Omnicomic: Do you prefer voiceover work or live acting? I'm sure each type of acting gives you a chance to perform differently. Diedrich Bader: I love voice over work because it's so dependent on pretending. I also really admire the talent of these performers. Some of them are truly amazing others are really pleasant. Omnicomic: You've done voiceover work for Grim and Evil, King of the Hill and Gargoyles. When the opportunity presented itself to play Batman in an animated show did you jump at that chance? Diedrich Bader: I was so excited to be Batman I can't even to express how happy I was when I got the call. It's even better now that I've seen the show and actually really like it! Omnicomic: Batman: The Animated Series set the bar pretty high for future animated Batman shows, mostly because of Kevin Conroy's voice acting. Did you watch that show, and if so, did you feel that there was a high bar you were going to be measured against as the voice of Batman? Diedrich Bader: Conroy was amazing and if this show was like the original I would feel a lot of pressure. We are going in such a different direction, we have so much more humor in the show and it is over all a lighter show. I mean how much revenge are we talking about here? Omnicomic: How do you think your Batman voice is? Diedrich Bader: As far as my interpretation, I am happier now than I was at the start and I urge everyone to keep watching because it only gets better. The first year of a show is always so much about discovery for everyone involved in the process. Omnicomic: Is there anything else you can tell us about Batman: The Brave and the Bold? Diedrich Bader: We have so many fun shows coming up with some guest stars you are not going to believe. Also we go wild at the end. Just wait. Omnicomic: Do you have anything you want to plug while you have the floor? Diedrich Bader: I prefer to plug one thing at a time. Thanks though.