Iron Man 2 casting call

Iron Man 2 is well on its way to becoming the badass sequel that we all know it will be. That's not to say that the movie is already filming or is anywhere near done mind you, but the script is getting worked on and things are coming together. Casting is the next logical step in the process, and SpoilerTV has some interesting casting call news regarding the sequel. Who do they claim the film is looking for? [MALE LEAD] 30s, Eastern European, brilliant, gritty... [FEMALE LEAD] 20s, beautiful, speaks several languages fluently and is equally proficient in martial arts... [BRUISER] Russian, 20s or 30s, at least 6'2", able to perform own stunts, has the build of a MMA fighter... This could be interesting. It seems that those three roles are pretty specific in their descriptions, and it could mean that we may see some more Marvel heroes in the film. They would have to be Avenger related most likely, and honestly the only one I could think of of the three would be Spider-Woman for the female lead. This is only going to get more interesting before it gets more boring, so stay tuned. Iron Man 2 casting call