New Arrivals: December 10, 2008

The pick this week is definitely an oldie but a goodie. With the March release of Watchmen hopefully right around the corner (barring other developments in the lawsuit surrounding the rights to the movie), all of your friends will be asking you to borrow your copy of the graphic novel to get ready for the film. Why they don't have their own copy I have no idea. But if they're not content with getting a copy of the graphic novel, DC has an alternative. How about the comics themselves? This week's pick is Watchmen #1, the comic that started it all. Now of course, this is a reprint but still. How awesome is that? A quick peek at DC's site doesn't show the sequential books being released, but you've got to imagine that they're going to release an issue each week up until the movie. Enjoy! New Arrivals: December 10, 2008


  1. I'm sorry I borrowed your copy...I'll be in Boston this weekend to return it. I'll read it this week...sheesh!


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