New powers in DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is DC's answer to the canned Marvel online game which allows players to jump into the DC Universe. Mind you, you can't actually play Batman or Superman, but you will be able to create a character and fight the good fight and join their side, or use your X-ray vision for naughty things and be bad. Either or. But what kind of powers can you expect when creating your superperson? Chris Cao has chimed in and let us know we can expect some cool stuff. On his MySpace blog, Cao indicated some of the abilities that you'll be able to use in creating your DC incarnation of yourself. Those powers include flight, super speed and acrobatics. All of which could be pretty awesome. Also, you won't have to level up to get to them, as in the game you start immediately with the powers you selected for your superperson. This has really been the only bit of news in a while, so its good to know that there are some tidbits coming out about it. There should be some more news to come out in the new year, so until then you've just got to deal with the fact that you know you can be acrobatic in the game. Chris Cao on DC Universe Online powers