News on next Heroes arc

I'm happy because Heroes is actually getting better. It got a little too dense for part of the season, with way too many characters and storylines that were all over the map. But its settled down, and we're closing in on the last episode for the season until February 2. A lot of this change can be attributed to Pushing Daisies producer Bryan Fuller, who has been brought back on as a consultant to the show. Fuller previously worked on Heroes in many capacities, and one can expect his return to be a boon to the show's direction. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fuller speaks about what went wrong. "It became too dense and fell into certain sci-fi trappings. For instance, in the “Villains” arc, when you talk about formulas and catalysts, it takes the face off the drama. And I think the goal for everybody is to put a face back on the drama. You have to save something with a face; otherwise you don’t understand what you’re caring about. I thought the "Villains" arc started out very interestingly, and then became sort of muddy and dense and I couldn't get my hooks into the characters to understand their motivations. I also started to feel confused about what people's abilities were. One of the great things about the first season is that the metaphor for their abilities was very clear. Those metaphors seem to have gotten complicated in the past two seasons. I share that concern with everybody on the writing staff. It's not like I'm coming in and saying, "This is what you need to do to fix it!" Everybody knows what needs to be fixed and everybody is sort of rowing in that direction." Awesome. And we can expect some crazy stuff in future episodes (spoilers ahead). "People will die. And some will return. Matt’s wife [Janice] comes back. We’ll find out what happens when you have a superbaby. We're also going to tell fewer stories per episode. We're going to limit it to three or four with one big one that you can wrap the stories around. We're altering the structure of the show so that there's a very clear A story that takes up a larger percentage of the show so that that story gets traction." Doesn't get much more cut and dry than that statement: people will die. The interview is a great read and gives you some more insight into some of the creative directions the show has taken and plans to take. And one of the other big deals is that we will get to meet Sylar's real dad, who will be played by John Glover, otherwise known as Lionel Luthor of Smallville fame. "When Sylar meets his father, he's going to see a path ahead of him that he doesn't want to take," reveals a Heroes insider. "He has a lot more in common with his father than he realized." It appears as though the creators of the show have finally gotten things going in the right direction, and we can only expect to see the show get better and better. Bryan Fuller on Heroes