NY Comic Con two lame fans contest

New York Comic Con is no stranger to contests, however this one is a little stranger than the other contests they typically run. The fine folks that are putting together the convention want to send the above two dudes to the show. The thing is that they don't really want to go in the first place. So its up to YOU to create a 30 second video convincing them that the should go. You can post the video on YouTube or send your best convention story or just best reason for them to go to kmarsdenkish@reedexpo.com. There first five entries will get a complimentary New York Comic Con 2009 official show poster drawn by Neal Adams Personally, I'm not really sure what purpose this contest serves other than drumming up attention for the show. But if you're planning on going to the convention and see these two guys, be sure to ask them what convinced them to stop being lame and actually go to a comic book convention. Full press release below. Check out these two dudes, can you picture them at New York Comic Con??? They cant either, but now is your chance to convince them of the greatness that is the Con! Tell us your stories and reasons as to why you think they should attend. You can post a 30 second video on YouTube and send us the URL or send us your best Con story to date or best reason to go via an email to kmarsdenkish@reedexpo.com. Be as descriptive as you want, the funnier and more entertaining you are the more likely we will use a clip of your story in our compilation video that we will post on our website. The first 5 entries will receive a complimentary New York Comic Con 2009 official show poster drawn by Neal Adams! Believe it or not, there are people who haven't reached the cool factor of being a Con-aholic like yourself so spread the love and tell them why its so great and why they should be a part of it! Thanks, The New York Comic-Con Team