Preview: Dead Irons #1

Dynamite Comics pretty much has the Xena and Army of Darkness franchises down pretty well. So I would trust them with new properties that they may be releasing. Dead Irons #1 is one of said properties. Dead Irons #1 begins the tale of three bounty hunter siblings on a rampage across the wild west. But these bounty hunters have a tendency to deliver the bounty battered and bled to death before accepting a payment of gold (they're averse to silver for some reason). What makes them so powerful you ask? They're the walking dead. Its up to one man to track them down: Silas Irons, tortured soul with a ravaged image covering his genuinely good intentions. Written by James Kuhoric (Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash) and illustrated by Jason Alexander (BPRD), Dead Irons #1 hits stores February 2009 for $3.99. Its sure to appeal to that person you know big on zombie, Jonah Hex or Ghost Rider (or all three even). Preview: Dead Irons #1