Preview: Masquerade #1

Alex Ross is really making his work over at Dynamite Comics count. His latest? Masquerade #1, due in February 2009. When looking at the cover, you may be thinking to yourself that "hey, this looks like Madame Mirage." And I would have to say that yes, it does in fact. But the looks are where the similarities end. Masquerade explores the origins of the beautiful and mysterious Masquerade, also known as Diana Adams. She decides to grow up and fight crime in her own way, inspired by the heroes of her day. Phil Hester writes the story with Carols Paul and Debora Carita illustrates it. You may be wondering where Ross fits into this. Well, he's overseeing the entire four issue series, and will provide the cover to the first issue (as well as subsequent issues). The book is due in February 2009, and should run about $3.50. Preview: Masquerade #1