Review: Heroes - Dual

This is it. The last episode before Fugitives. The episode where everything goes ballistic. Does it finish on a strong note? I think so yes. The last episode of this season, Dual, focused on Pinehearst and Level 5, and the different evils each was facing. Sylar was at Level 5, keeping Claire, Mr. Bennett, Meredith and Mrs. Petrelli locked in, with the intention of showing them that they are monsters just like him. Noah releases some of the Level 5 villains, but they prove to be no match at all for Sylar (he pretty much wipes out the Puppet Master with a quick thought). I thought it was pretty aweome that he injected Meredith with adrenaline, causing her to lose control over her powers and create a raging inferno in one of the cells. The same cell of course had Noah in it is as well, and Sylar was sure to provide him with a bullet with one gun for him or for Meredith (choices, choices). Claire is there with them trying to figure out a way to get them out of the cell. With the other three in check, Sylar confronts Mrs. Petrelli about why she lied to him about being his mother, and right as he is about to take her power she tells him that she knows who his true parents are. Ultimately, it is Claire who ends up becoming the hero, as she takes out Sylar in the one spot that apparently is a weak point with a shard of broken glass resulting from Noah's escape from the cell. The three of them escape as the entire building comes down, as Meredith could no longer control her flame-setting ability. At Pinhearst, Peter confronts Nathan about the formula and choosing a side, whether it be with him in destroying the formula or on his current path where he wants to use the formula. He of course chooses to side against Peter, leading to him receiving a vicious right from Peter. And right as Nathan's new super soldier arrives on the scene, Knox arrives and snaps his neck. Good times. With Nathan being kept at bay, Peter goes into the lab with Flint and begins wrecking it. Mohinder is none too pleased with this at all, but he can't really put up much of a fight. Meanwhile outside, Traci shows up and freezes Knox, thus ending his fear inducing life, and confronts Nathan about the next steps. Those next steps are mainly disavowing all knowledge of the formula for the sake of Nathan's political future. Nathan however has had a sudden change of heart and decides to go back into the lab after Peter. Flint sets the whole place ablaze, Mohinder bathes in formula and Peter takes the formula to presumably get his powers back (I say presumably because he flew, which means either he really did get his original power back or he can just fly). Flint dies in a fire, which is ironic because it means both brother and sister both go down in their own flames. After Peter and Nathan land, Nathan rails against Peter for taking the formula and being a hypocrite (after the lengthy speech Peter gave about the evils of the formula), and says he wouldn't have saved Peter. I smell a rift. But what about Hiro? Daphne and Ando race to Pinehearst where they get a vial of the formula, and Ando takes it, thinking he is going to get a time traveling power. He gets pink sparks instead, which can apparently magnify powers in others with powers. So he grabs Daphne (who becomes The Flash for real) and they travel back in time to save Hiro. But not before Hiro was about to destroy the formula (instead it just gets ripped in half by his father's sword). The two of them arrive in the present and go to Pinehearst to get the present day version of the formula, and Hiro ends up dropping Traci in the process. They get the formula, and end up destroying it (although I would hope they do more than just rip it to pieces). So where do we end? Well, Mohinder is apparently cured and catches a ride with Traci. Peter has his power back (presumably), while Hiro has none. Ando can amplify abilities, and Sylar is apparently dead (I doubt that very much). And all this leads up to the end where Nathan asks the President for help in rounding up all those with abilities and detaining them. In the end, Nathan does end up telling the world about them, however the future is most likely not going to be the one originally planned, where everyone has powers. This episode did a fantastic job wrapping things up, and I'm quite excited for Fugitives, where presumably all the heroes and villains will have to deal with the law. Very Superhero Registration Act if you ask me. But still, we all know Sylar isn't dead (he's the most interesting part of the show). As to where the other characters will end up, guess we'll have to wait till Volume 4 to see. Overall score: 95 out of 100


  1. which in the case of peter i hope it is just a flying ability because if somehow he got his exact power back they better have a real good explanation as to how he was able to gain his specific back yet the other two people who took the formula the super soldier and ando got random powers.

  2. But why wouldnt Peter get his original power of osmosis? Ando and super soldier didnt have powers to revert back to . . . If Peter got all of the powers back that he had previously that would be ridiculous but for him to get the original power that he had of gaining others through proximity then him flying would make perfect sense.

  3. but that's what i am saying they said the formula gives you a random power and for peter to get his original ability back goes against the random part of the formula. there has to be an explanation into how he would get his exact original power if that is the case but for everyone else it is random?


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