Review: Heroes - The Eclipse Part 2

Within the reviews I'm going to try and look at each review from the perspectives of each of the main characters, but because there are so many some of these could get lengthy. These are not spoiler free, so please be mindful of that when reading. This episode is all about power. Power among those without powers, and powers returning to those formerly of powers. Let's start with Hiro and Ando. We get another cameo from Seth Green and Breckin Meyer, who are awesome. They treat them without breaking that fourth wall. Basically, they treat them as the characters on the show, even though they are actually the people themselves. But I like how Hiro regained his memory through reading back issues of 9th Wonders. And in these issues they realize that the eclipse is what gave them their powers, and once this second one passes it will give them their powers back. Parkman uses this realization to go find Daphne. When he gets there he thinks he's too late, but he finds her in the cornfield seeking her own redemption. She feels guilty for not being there for her father, but Parkman consoles her and offers her the chance to cleanse herself. Daphne's character seemed pretty extraneous at the beginning of the season. Her cockiness kind of came across as annoying. But after tonight's episode, I have to say that I am really enjoying her. I don't think anyone realized that she would be one of the most important characters this whole season. I think its awesome that she's becoming the symbol of redemption this season, both in terms of character and redeeming this season. Mr. Bennett is still stalking Sylar and Elle, who have managed to make the abandoned house a love shack and set up the son that Gabriel is taking care of in the future (it will work out somehow). After some gunfire exchange, Mr. Bennett tracks the two down in the back of a grocery store. Following a brief altercation, Mr. Bennett takes a box cutter and slices the neck of Sylar. Gruesome. While this is going on, Claire manages to die on the operating table. So its a good thing that the eclipse passes, allowing her to heal. But Sylar also heals, and upon nearly killing Mr. Bennett in his own house is whisked away by Hiro. Hiro then comes back and takes Elle and Claire away as well. But we're then shown the wedge being driven further between Elle and Sylar, as Sylar is worried that what Mr. Bennett was saying about her knowing the truth about Sylar possibly being true. And just when you think the beach is going to be romantic, Sylar changes the mood and kills Elle, restoring his hunger. Nathan, Peter and the Haitian manage to overthrow the Haitian's brother, and in the process the Haitian essentially jacks him up by sucking the life out of him. Yeah, that's pretty intense as well. Nathan uses this event as an opportunity to realize that there is a solution to all the wars and fighting in the world, and he's going to pursue it. Once again, leaving Peter alone (on an island this time) and no word on the Haitian. My thinking is that Peter will get his base power back of absorbing others around him because of the eclipse. The show ended with Hiro and Claire watching Hiro's dad (with Hiro at the table) giving baby Claire to Mr. Bennett on the balcony. It was a really well done scene, and it captured the parental-child relationship pretty well. This episode continues the momentum from the past few episodes, and I'm loving it. The pitch was all about choosing a side, and its getting better and better watching the characters constantly switch back and forth. Just when you think there are clear teams, certain heroes/villains switch sides on you. The writers have successfully regained my interest in the show, as the story has been fantastic as of late. If Heroes keeps this up, they're due for a monster run of episodes to finish off the season. Best. Day. Ever. Overall score: 94 out of 100