Review: Heroes - Our Father

Within the reviews I'm going to try and look at each review from the perspectives of each of the main characters, but because there are so many some of these could get lengthy. These are not spoiler free, so please be mindful of that when reading. Unlike the flashback episode earlier this season, this one was actually good. The other time episode (which I actually think was a flashforward episode) seemed to have been done just because the writers didn't really know what else to write about, so they created a fanciful future. But this episode featured the characters in the past more "in character," and worked really well. So what happened? Lots actually, both in present and past. Parkman, Ando and Daphne are tracking down a messenger who apparently has the last sketchbook created by Issac Mendes. But while reading the sketches, they see the above mentioned incident, and Ando is inspired to seek out the formula to gain time traveling powers to save Hiro. What happened to Hiro you ask? Read on. Claire and Hiro visit the past, where both realize that they must follow their respective parents to become heroes. The scene where they realize this was actually awesome, as they're both saying the same thing to each other, however they can't understand the other because of the Japanese/English barrier. Hiro remains at his parents swank apartment, under the guise of the new chef. The scene where future Hiro and past Hiro both adjust their glasses and lower their heads at the same time was pretty well done. Hiro's mother wants to make Hiro the catalyst, but his dad thinks he won't amount to anything and is very much in line with the future version of himself. Hiro confronts his mom, who promptly heals him and restores his memory. Hiro knows what he will become, and as a result asks his mom to give him the catalyst. Somehow Mr. Petrelli knows what's going on and travels back in time to take the catalyst from Hiro and throw him off the building. He then sends Claire back to the future with a message for Mrs. Petrelli that he's won and its over. Claire follows herelf, and ends up encountering her mom. It is a little unsettling that her mom will all of a sudden accept help with a baby she just adopted from a complete stranger, but hey. What do I know (Noah Bennett agreed with me). And its Noah's wiser outlook that leads him to suspect Bonnie (read: Claire). Future Claire convinces her dad not to let past Claire out of her site, so as to avoid her getting the catalyst. Mmm, mmm, the ironing is delicious. Sometimes irony is a little too cliche, but in this instance it was very well done. Sylar demonstrated that he still feels compassion (by giving Elle a "proper" burial using her power) while returning to his previous self. But he now knows that he needs to know the truth, about whether his parents really are his parents or not. Cue convenient plot device! Sylar tracks down an individual with the ability to be a human lie detector, which of course help him resolve some issues. Nathan and Peter are seemingly on opposite sides. Peter is on a mission to kill his dad, while Nathan has returned to take control of Pinehearst and implement the "intelligent creation" plan. Basically, its the super soldier program, but it feels very original in this episode. The scene with Nathan and Traci standing over the group of potential super soldiers was very powerful. Nathan confronts one of the sargeants to make sure he knows what he's getting into, and the soldier feels guilt over an ambush during his second tour in Iraq. Mr. Petrelli catalyzes the formula and the soldier becomes blessed with super strength. But Mr. Petrelli wasn't there to see it. He was out in the lobby confronting Peter and the Haitian, with Peter training the gun on his father but failing to pull the trigger. Right as the Haitian is about the lose his hold on Mr. Petrelli, Peter shoots, but the bullet is stopped. Sylar stops the bullet and asks Mr. Petrelli if he is his dad, and upon realizing his lie telepathically send the bullet into his forehead. I love when Sylar is a badass. He leaves, with the Haitian in pursuit. I can't stress enough how much better this show has gotten. I don't know what it is, but the writers have suddenly decided to start caring again, and have really created a story that is actually coherent. Sides really are being chosen, and Sylar has returned to being the biggest wildcard of them all. I think its pretty obvious that Peter will use the formula to get his power back, and Nathan will switch sides again. But we have one more episode to get it all sorted out, as the last episode of the season is next Monday. Make sure you're watching it, because the season has the potential to end in an epic fashion. Overall score: 95 out of 100