Spawn Collector's Club Resin statue available for preorder

Need a little more Spawn in your life? Is that Spawn tattoo you got in your youth that was sufficiently badass not cutting it anymore? Well if you're one of a lucky 1,500 you can get your hands on a beautiful Collector's Edition resin figure from Spawn: The Beginning. This statue was a promotional piece that was produced before December 1991 when Spawn #1 changed the way we looked at comics. This limited edition resin statue will be produced with a limited run of 1,500 pieces set to ship June 2009 with no word on price. So what's stopping you from abruptly leaving this post to order it? Well, you have to be a member of the Collector's Club to preorder it. Membership is free, but I'm guessing if you're not already a member you're not that big a fan of Spawn to begin with. Spawn Collector's Club resin statue available for preorder