Street Fighter: Round One - FIGHT! clip

With tomorrow being Christmas and all, Omnicomic is definitely getting into the Christmas spirit. Earlier I brought you four clips from Hulk Vs., emphasizing that knockdown, dragout action that only the Hulk can bring. But the animated carnage doesn't stop there! Below is the first four minutes from the upcoming Feb 3, 2009 DVD release from Eagle One Media. The movie is based on the Street Fighter comic of the same name, and should be a good time. Ryu and Ken set out to investigate the murder of their martial arts master. Their search for answers takes them to Japan where M. Bison and his assorted minions including Cammy, Vega, and Sagat keep a close eye on Ryu for reasons unknown. This draws the attention of up and coming Hong Kong Interpol agent Chun-Li and US Special Ops officer Guile who each bears their own personal grudge against the evil Shadaloo syndicate. Enjoy!