Top Cow's Comic stimulus plan

Times are tough for everyone. Houses are being foreclosed, people are getting laid off, and the banks decided to go with the make-sure-the-top-executives-get-paid business model. All three of which could prove a little difficult when it comes time to decide what you should cut out of your daily spending. Most likely comics may come up in that list somewhere, but Top Cow is looking to help beleagured comics fans the world over. Top Cow has recently pledged that for the entire year of 2009, their comics will all be $2.99. According to Flip Sablik, Top Cow publisher, there's no reason to raise prices when fans don't think its a good idea. "I don’t know if there’s no reason to raise prices – I think there’s always a reason to raise prices – to make more money [laughs]. But I think this was a case of us looking around at the market and kind of listening to retailer and fan feedback and realizing that it’s a concern – a concern for us and for the fans. When you look around and 50% of Marvel and DC’s releases are over the $3.00 mark, that is a concern, and we want to offer fans another alternative. We’re doing okay at $2.99, and decided that if we could hold it there, we should." So that's promising news. And it means that we can get Witchblade, The Darkness or Freshmen for a mere $2.99. That's pretty solid if you ask me. Top Cow maintains $2.99 for 2009