Defense With the BoomPick

You know what today is don’t ya? It is Tuesday, which makes it the day before Wednesday, which makes it the day before new comic book day. Brandon here to bring you my pick of the week from all those wonderful new comics that we having coming out tomorrow. This was actually a tough call because there are some good comics coming out tomorrow and I had to narrow it down to one for my pick and here it is. Probably no surprise to you, my pick of the week is Marvel Zombies 3 #3. Marvel Zombies has come a long way from its first issues back two years ago and now is in a third installment. The overall theme of this comic book run is that a certain disease is affecting superheroes and supervillains alike that turns them into blood thirsty, brain craving zombies. But they retain all their original powers and thinking ability so that they understand what they are doing, however they just can’t fight the hunger that comes with being a zombie. Over the span of the first two runs the zombies have conquered and devoured a large number of planets, beings and species, even devouring the great Galactus and Silver Surfer thus taking their power and only magnifying their hunger. In this third installment new zombies crossed over into the Marvel Universe and start a race to find the cure for this ravaging and unstoppable disease. With certain destruction coming soon, the Initiative decides to send a team into the Zombieverse to search for a cure to bring back and save their universe. With this Marvel Zombies 3 #3, the team sent into the Zombieverse is trapped and being overrun by the zombie horde and the one person with the cure is dangerously close to not making it back. This issue has everything hanging in the balance for both sides and shows just who is gonna win in the end. This series has brought new life into the horror genre and into the comic book world, with the likes of Ash and Army of Darkness or the Walking Dead series (both that are excellent in their own regard and takes our favorite heroes and villains and shows them in a different way). With only one more issue after this one to show winner takes all, I suggest you pick up the first two issues and this one to enjoy a great read that will leave you wondering what happens next.