Defense With the BoomPick

Hey look it is Tuesday, which means once again the day before new comic book day. So you know what that means: my pick of the week. Oh if you don’t know who this is then where have you been? It is your good pal Brandon here taking time out of my busy day of killing zombies and retaking back the world to bring you the comic I can’t wait to read this week. Which if you ain’t a fan of this guy then you got problems, because my pick of the week is the one guy simply known as the Merc with the Mouth: Deadpool. Coming out this week is Deadpool #6 which continues the crazy merc’s story which started during Secret Invasion and continues on through to a battle with a crazy doctor lording over an army of zombies. I don’t know what else to put about this man because if you have never read any of the work he has done then you are definitely missing out on some great jokes, great times and a lot of backstabbing cause that is what Deadpool does best. After getting the secret intel for Nick Fury in the Skrull Invasion now he is being hunted by that same man that he stole it from so as to keep his work secret. With Deadpool #6, a new enemy is after Deadpool looking to shut him up for good by hiring a crazy man-eater known as Tiger-shark. Will this be the end of days for Deadpool, or will his lucky streak hold out a little bit longer? You've gotta pick up Deadpool #6 to find out!