Defense With the BoomPick

Hey there everyone. It's Brandon again, your zombie go-to guy and I know I took yesterday off, but it was Martin Luther King day and I wanted to remember what he did for our great country (namely crusading for equal rights and paving the way for Barack Obama to become President). I hope you know what today is, as it is a very special day for two reasons. One, today is the day that we get a new president inaugurated to lead our great country into a new frontier and new world that we will all welcome. Second, today is also the day before new comic book day making it time for my pick of the week of new comics. On to the topic at hand. My pick of the week. Well, it was tough this time as I didn’t see too many new comics that blew my doors off that I want to get, but I have picked up one in this new series and this is the start of another of those storylines. My pick of the week is the start of the Dark Reign saga: Dark Avengers #1. Now I have Dark Reign Punisher #1 and it is great because basically everything the Punisher does is looked upon as actually good, no matter how many people he kills or how he does it. This is the general theme of the Dark Reign series, where the good guys are hunted and wanted as the bad while the bad guys are running everything. Not too much is known about these Dark Avengers but this is definitely a great and awesome new mythos in the Avenger saga. With these Dark Reign stories you just can’t believe the nonstop action that happens. So I suggest if you are picking up comics this week you pick this one up and also the Dark Reign storyline with Punisher from last week. Get ready for some good times.