Defense With the BoomStick

It seems no matter how busy you stay during the week, no matter how many zombies you kill, how much earth you till or how much hustle and bustle to keep a compound going you can never avoid Mondays. So here we are again; already Monday and time for me to get on the air to all you fine people out there who are catching my show maybe for the first time (or for the who knows how many times). Well hello everybody. It ‘s Brandon here, your fellow survivor and weekly broadcaster of the things you want to know as well as the things that help you keep going. For starters if this is your first time with me then I’ll give ya a little breakdown of what I do on this show, first off I go over a bit of the news that I hear over the radio and catch from passing survivors. Then I rant and rave about whatever the hell I want because what can you do to stop me? Ha-ha nothing as I am the one on the radio not you, so generally I will go over whatever I want or talk about whatever crosses my mind. Then for the part that seems most important is my tip of the week that can help you out there survive that little bit longer. Not much news at all besides the desolation. Hell, back before the outbreak happened, a celebrity breakup was more important news then the war going on. What kind of crap is that? I did hear more good news about some safe zones in Canada, as it seems they are making an amazing push back to create a larger zone for refugees to make it towards, but be careful as with all these safe zones zombies are drawn to them as well. Once you get close enough they have radio frequencies that you can ask for help on that let's them know refugees are en route and can give you support. Don’t feel like ranting today as I am waiting on my dinner to finishing cooking so I'm gonna jump right into the tip for this week: one way to help clean out an area of zombies. It is the excellent attack strategy that consists of you and your group getting a vehicle or two (preferably a flatbed truck or truck with a bed so that you can have multiple shooters) and loading up on ammo. Then you approach an area with a clear road ahead of you, stop the truck and make as much noise as you can to draw the zombies toward your mobile killing machine. Then proceed to drive slowly and you will have a following of zombies that, so long as you don’t outrun them you can take them down one at a time from the safety of your truck, allowing you to clear out a good number of zombies in one swift move. Really that is it. Nothing too fancy or complicated for ya this time, but just make sure when you do clear an area that you have backup support and make sure that your escape route is planned and not blocked by the pile of dead should you need to take it. There it is for today. Hope you guys keep taking it one day at a time and making sure to do your part and help us win this war and get our planet back. Till next Monday stay alert, stay alive and keep surviving and we will win.