Defense With the BoomStick

Blah, Blah, Blah you keep yapping at me but it isn’t gonna do you any good cause I don’t feel like playing fetch with ya alright. Whoa, hey it’s that time already? Seems weeks just fly by too fast and the days blur together as here it is Monday again and its time for us to see what is what and to give all you fine folks out there what you care about. Hey folks out there it is that time again, which for those who have never heard my broadcast means that its time again for my show. So deal, and listen up so you might learn and stay alive that much longer to do some good to helping us win this war against the zombies. As you can tell what’s going on that's new is I have a new dog to add to the ones I have found in the past running around. Which you might ask yourself "won't that tax your resources," to which I answer no, as raiding outlaying towns has provided plenty of dog food. Next we get to the news that is going on around the world. Strongholds that were there are still there as far as I know (haven’t heard of any downfalls or zombie overruns). Plus I don’t have to deal with bandits and marauders anymore since most of have been wiped out over time, either by each other or just because of zombies taking them out. Let me think here...anything else worth reporting about or crossing my mind? Not really. Just can’t wait to be able to travel wherever because it sure is gonna be nice to go to Key West, plop a chair on the beach and kick back and relax. Now for the new tip. I believe last week I went over one sort of technique in clearing out an area of zombies while doing so in a safe manner as well. I figured today I would keep that trend up and go over another technique in clearing out an area of zombies. This method makes you stationary while destroying the zombies and is known as the barricade method. Basically you create a massive wall out of any material you can find (preferably out of cars and truck trailers), fence wire anything so that the oncoming zombies hit this wall of debris with you on top of it and them not being able to circle around it. With you on top shooting down it should be like shooting fish in a barrel, but be careful as if it happens to be too many zombies their bodies will pile up and could potentially reach the level of your attacks, making a getaway plan vital. That’s why its important to have some part of your team in running vehicles sitting behind the barricade ready to extricate the attacking team at a moment’s notice. In addition to rifles and shotguns, other weapons you might use in this instance include fire and Molotov cocktails (the grouping together of the zombies will set each other on fire and assist in taking them out). That is it. Short, sweet and to the point because in a life or death situation, sometimes ya just need the info as fast as possible and that is what I aim to do. So keep your ears tuned and your eyes open for anything and everything to help you stay alive. Until next week this is Brandon signing off and getting back to doing my part. Remember stay alert, stay alive and keep surviving.