Defense With the BoomStick

Hey everyone out there in radioland (or should I say zombieland)? This is Brandon here, your good friend, helpful adviser and fellow survivor here today to bring you a bit of news and take it from there. Do you know what today is? I do and it is a great holiday from the before time when we were all carefree watching football every Sunday during the winter and baseball and basketball during the summer. Today is Martin Luther King Day and I used to have this day off from work when I had a regular 9 to 5 job. So in remembrance of that I am taking today off and just sitting back today. No tip from me today, and for all of your out there listening and are able to let your guard down and relax then I suggest you do so and remember what this man gave us all so long ago and what allows us now to rely on every man no matter race or color to be your brother and your friend. Because if we are gonna win this fight against the zombies we need every able bodied person out there to be fighting and assisting everyone else. So get out there and celebrate if you can and relax and have some fun. Shoot some fireworks off if you can and if you feel like just going on a rampage and taking out some zombies then do that and help the cause. I am heading off to relax myself, so until next week and a new tip I bid you all farewell and take care and also remember to keep living, and keep surviving.