Defense With the BoomStick

Hey folks its me, your friend and goto guy when it comes to zombies Brandon. So how goes it out there in the world? Not too bad for me except for the whole undead thing but hey, keep your chin up-things could be worse right? Not too much least nothing noteworthy so I am gonna go right into the tip for this week. Today I am gonna talk about fortifying a house in a hurry and what are the steps to take to get it protected quickly. First off, you have to board up all the windows on the first floor as much as you can outside and inside; double the wall of protection. Then the doors all need to be boarded up as well, but make sure you leave yourself an escape route and make sure to keep your on-the-run pack right next to that escape so it is all right there. At night don't use any lights whatsoever as that will draw them to you. If there is a second floor to the house make that your main base of operations and move everything you need up there and then destroy the stairs, because zombies can't climb them. If you are in a hurry just nail down flat boards on the stairs making it a slide and then if zombies do break in you can kill them in an orderly and safe manner. If by chance the water is still working (which I doubt now) check it and then fill the bath tub so you have drinking water. There you have it, as these are the first few steps to take when first getting a house to a defendable and survivable place. So now I feel like talking about what’s been going on around my little slice of heaven. Not too much. Still have that family living here with me, as well as a few new people have showed up and I allowed them to enter. Things around here are running smoother now with few more people and lot less work for me...I love it. Have heard that a new safe zone in Ontario opened up actually so if you are in the Canadian area go check it out. They have signs that direct you there or places that do sweeps of for people. I am gonna get off the air now cause its time for me to eat and these people know how to cook. So remember to keep fighting, keep surviving and keep on helping us win this war. Till next time this is Brandon, hoping to catch you later.