Gotham City Dossiers: Fireman Press

Assassins pride themselves on their ability to make a kill both up close and from afar. But how many can boast the ability to be disposable? Fireman Press has a good idea. Fireman Press is a relatively small indie studio that has a pretty well-known comic called SCUD: The Disposable Assassin by Rob Schrab. The great thing about this book is the face that the assassins self-destruct after taking out their targets. In this world, you can get weapons from vending machines, including said robotic assassins. The series focuses on SCUD 1373, whose mission is to take out a female maneater named Jeff. But 1373 becomes smart and realizes that if he does kill Jeff he himself will die, basically making Jeff a quadrapalegic in the process...but at least he gets to stay alive! Another work from Fireman Press is Drywall: Unzipped!. This book focuses on the origin of SCUD's sidekick, and really helps you to figure out the main storyline that much better. Gear is a new book that is unrelated to the SCUD universe by Douglas TenNaple, but is full of just as many homicidal beings. Four incompetent cats are assigned to high-jack a Giant Killer Robot, but of course everything goes wrong. On the other side of town, two detectives find a body and a mystery unfolds. This book's got everything: Robots, harpoon guns, talking cats, gun shots to the head the whole sha-bang. Fireman Press