Gotham City Dossiers: Hurricane Entertainment

Hurricanes brewing are never good news. Unless you're a comic book publisher that happens to share a name with the seemingly devastating natural disaster. So let's take a look at what's in the hurricane shall we? Chassis is the story of an alternate reality where WWII never happened and the fine folks under President Roosevelt (Eleanor mind you) experience the thrills of rocket car racing. 1949's most popular sport features legendary drivers in a corrupt system (think Speed Racer) which draws the attention of Chassis. Chassis is the 17-year-old daughter of Charles Foster McBain, one of the founders of the sport that won't allow his daughter to race. But she enters anyway under the alias of Pilot Zero. Samantha's Burn is coming soon, but it will feature the story of a desolate future where thirteen-year-old Samantha has contracted "The Burn." This will inevitably lead to her death in a burst of flames. So she makes the trek to Nomikos, the hospital on rails, as a transport to the only place she can get medical care in the outer regions. And if things weren't bad enough, somehow it's up to Samantha to save the world from the apparent plot to spread The Burn worldwide. Finally, there's also the Snake Plissken Chronicles. I shouldn't have to go into too much detail about this one, as it is "that" Snake Plissken. More fun and adventure from everyone's favorite that has managed to escape from New York and Los Angeles. So yeah. Some really interesting stuff happening over there. Check out some of their works the next time you hit the comic book store. Hurricane Entertainment


  1. "here i thought Hurricane season was over."


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