Gotham City Dossiers: Mam Tor Publishing

Event Horizon was a movie that honestly scared the bejeesus out of me. It was completely twisted and demented, and definitely ranks as one of the goriest and most chilling space sci-fi movies ever made. This week's dossier takes a look at Mam Tor Publishing that lists among its works a book with a similar name, but not quite the same amount of gore and violence. The company itself is dedicated to producing creator driven works that might not ordinarily find a home on the bookshelf - their being too niche, radical or unquantifiable - despite the evident quality and commitment they display. The publisher tries not to be so much a commercial venture, but rather a spot for subcultural, underground, science fiction, horror or fantasy artists. There are no fees for the work produced, nor are there the usual editorial restrictions. Event Horizon (the Mam Tor Publishing) version combines multiple talents from the comic book industry including Steve Niles, Liam Sharp, Brian Holguin, Ashley Wood, Kev Crossley, Ali Pow3rs, Dave Kendall, Emma Simcock-Tooth, Alan Grant, Greg Staples and Simon Bisley just to name a few. The work has been described as "more like an incantation than a narrative, a kaleidoscope than a point of view, a sequence of images than portrait of anything, the succession of words and pictures on the following pages combine to create a mosaic that you must put together yourself. No post-modernism needed here, the world ahead is pre-deconstructed." Definitely not the "Sam Neill is evil kill everyone" vibe you get from the movie. Another book that the publisher puts out is St. Cyborg's, a book featuring an educational institution where you can get in trouble for texting your friends during class. And field trips include trips on alternate timelines with alternate histories. The book is a collection of thirteen shots featuring alien teachers, pregnant superheroines, a caretaker who runs an after-school chain-gang for miscreants and the scariest petshop in the world just to name a few features.\ A seemingly more upbeat work is called Life is humiliation. What's so humiliating about it? Well, the main character features the man with a hole in his head, Dave the nosferatu escargot, and more weird characters than you can shake a stick at. Maybe upbeat is the wrong word. Perhaps eclectic is a better description. So there you have it. Something for fans of the less traditional sci-fi fare that are looking to see some truly innovative works. Check out at least one of the books if you can find them (they're UK based), and be one of the first to brag to your friends about how you read these books before the company got big. Mam Tor Publishing