Gotham City Dossiers: Moonstone Comics

Moonstone Comics likes the Phantom. Which is good because that's one of their flagship titles. Of course, it doesn't feature the awesomeness that is Billy Zane, but the comic is still pretty damn cool. Kevin Grevioux and Mike Bullock are on writing duties for the many incarnations of the Phantom comic over at Moonstone. What else is there? Well, Domino Lady is about Ellen Patrick, a masked crime fighter who fights corruption in 1930s Los Angeles. By day she's a sexy blonde Berkeley grad bent on avenging the death of her father. Saucy! Buckaroo Bonzai is all about Peter Weller, a renaissance man, top neurosurgeon, particle physicist, race car driver, rock star and the last hope of the human race. He was featured in a movie in 1984, but now has his own comic book boasting his adventures. Finally, The Avenger is the story of Richard Henry Benson, a man who had amassed a fortune in his early years and was ready to enjoy life. Until his family was taken from him by crime forcing him into an insane asylum. But a quirky side effect of the entire ordeal was the paralysis of his facial muscles, allowing him to press his face into any position and fight crime. A lot of the books over there at Moonstone have that sort of art deco feel, so if that's what you're looking for there are tons of good things to check out. Moonstone Comics