He-Man reboot gets a director

Do you remember Master's of the Universe? Not the cartoon, but the awfully atrocious live action film that featured a pink Cadillac? If you don't remember fantastic. You're good at repressing bad thoughts. If you do still remember it, well then your memory may change in the near future. Latino Review has just learned that the chic reboot idea for He-Man has just landed a director: John Stevenson. Stevenson recently made a name for himself with the animated (somewhat I guess) film Kung Fu Panda. I can't say that this news fills me with confidence that the remake is in capable hands. But Kung Fu Panda was an enjoyable enough movie that had some good moments. Any movie made regarding Prince Adam will most likely be better than the first film that came out, so he really doesn't have to set the bar that high. Just make sure there's no blue He-Man, and that Skeletor stays away from the breakfast burritos. He-Man reboot gets a director