Is the upcoming Thor film going to be modern day?

Thor is one of the latest on the Marvel itenerary as far as adapting comics into movies. His movie is going to be kind of cool actually, in that it will be less traditional than the other Marvel films released to date as they were modern and this will be set in Valhalla days. Or will it? Obviously there are potential spoilers ahead for the film, but this is just a rumor so maybe not. IESB has it on good authority that Donald Blake has been added to the film as a new character. Big deal. What impact does that have on the timing of the film? Well those Thor aficionados know that Blake can exchange places with Thor in the void that he inhabits. So my guess is that the film ends with Thor being cast into the void, but then we have modern day Blake showing up and essentially releasing Thor and bringing him back into relevance. This is really the only way I can see the inclusion of the character making sense. This is really the only way that Marvel can hope to make an Avengers film make sense as far as time and place go. I'm stoked to see an all-out Valhalla war on film which is going to be freaking awesome. And I really hope that they make Loki a really sinister villain. I'm actually picturing him in a style similar to that of Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight. Extremely maniacal and homicidal, but fun to watch. Stay tuned to see how this whole rumor pans out. Modern cast added to Thor movie