Join The Hero Initiative

It takes a lot to be a hero. A superpower helps of course, but it could be wise to have a spiffy costume and/or alter-ego. But what if you can't find any of that? Well a membership card would definitely do as well. The Hero Initiative is now offering memberships into the group, with the lowest membership starting at $29. The low end membership (otherwise known as the Bronze membership), offers members a personalized membership card, quarterly newsletter and a Hero Initiative sketchcard from a randomly selected artist (Mike Bencic, Dan Brereton, Dick Giordano, Bob Hall, Dan Jurgens, Mike Mayhew, George Perez, Joe Quesada, John Romita Sr., Dave Simons, Jim Valentino, Carly Wagner, Bob Wiacek, Richard Zajac and more). The Silver membership will run you $99 and features all the benefits of the Bronze, as well as a Hero Initiative T-shirt, your choice of Dawn or Hero Hand, a copy of the Marvel Then-and-Now DVD and copy of The Unusual Suspects graphic novel. The Gold membership really steps it up and gets you all of the above, as well as 1-year Premium Membership at and an invite to Hero Initiative VIP members-only parties at 2009's Wizard World Los Angeles & Chicago! The memberships all give you the opportunity to help a worthy cause in The Hero Initiative. The initiative serves as a backup for members of the comic book community that may need financial help in tough times. So head on over and sign up, and angle for that free T-shirt. Join The Hero Initiative